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We are Adrian & Emilee

Photography is more than a passion for us; it's a way to preserve the moments as our own family grows. Adrian handles photography and post-production, while Emilee books, directs, and poses couples during shoots, embodying the essence of our 'duo' partnership.


In October 2023, our lives were blessed with the arrival of Crew, our first child. His presence fills our home with warmth and joy, infusing each day with purpose and meaning. Crew has enriched our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined, and we eagerly embrace every precious moment of this parenthood journey. Our two cherished feline companions add an extra dose of laughter and warmth to our family dynamic.

Our Christian faith guides us to be grateful, loving, and forgiving every day. Our faith brings us closer and reminds us that love requires intentional effort each day. This, in turn, guides us to be the best possible version of ourselves. We attend Red Rocks Church weekly, finding inspiration and a strong foundation for our journey together. This shared commitment to our beliefs strengthens our connection and helps us navigate life's complexities.

_ Adrian & Emilee

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